Thomas 'Mark' Groody
bass guitar - drums - songwriter - arranger
TMG Sound Design
recording - mastering - artist consultant - producer

Studio in Penngrove, California - 707.665.9985

In 1967, at age 14, I discovered the desire to express myself with music and became keenly aware of the qualities of sound and performance. Today at age 56 'the journey' of self expression, and sharing of musical experiences with others continues. I enjoy writing and playing original material as well as revisiting, rewriting, and personalizing selected songs by other artists. I possess a mature, fresh, upbeat attitude, that's not stuck in a rut, or has its "head in the clouds".

My numerous musical experiences, interests, and influences, coupled with a sense of dynamics, and an ear for finding strengths in others enables me to elevate projects to a higher level. I might not fit as a player in a lounge, bebop, punk, or thrash band, but I love working as a producer and engineer in any genre.

Although I don't sight read 'real time', I do read charts, and have enough music education to communicate with just about anybody. I'm an extremely friendly, easy going, substance free person. I have a great sense of humor, and can engage audiences of spike haired teens, and grandmas alike. I'm not pressured to do everything for money. My work in custom residential design, (, allows me to afford excellent instruments, equipment and the freedom to travel.

I picked up the drums first in Jr. High, and then bass after High School in the early 70’s. Bass teachers such as Chuck Sher, Mike Millwood, and players ranging from Peter Albin, Al Strong, Harvey Brooks, Jack Casady, Phil Lesh, Stanley Clark, and Jaco, were ongoing influences, as was the trend towards high fidelity sound for bass.

I sometimes use a melodic-symphonic approach, weaving some “French horn parts” or high speed figures in a piece to enhance and underpin the sound. Conversely, if a three note looped bass line is what grooves appropriately then "there I is". If called upon to solo, I try to depart from the typical 'everyman' blues, pentatonic and arpeggio "exercises". I can play faster phrases than many lead guitarists, so some interesting 'parts' can be created.

I still pick up tricks of the trade from the latest and greatest, without becoming a clone. I'm not so in love with the technical side of the instrument to be stuck in that 'one style fits all' mode.

As a drummer I've played most styles from "Ringo" to "Billy Cobham". I believe that 'simple' is the best place to start, and then work up to the 'wow' in selected spots. Drummers should "drive the bus", and be counted on to provide solid, transparent support, with a sensitivity to dynamics. Drummers are often 'reactionary' followers, and are dragged around when other instruments are bending time for expression, or they play too loud. I believe the feet should rule the hands. The over focus on "busy hands chops" causes lazy footwork, and results in an incoherent bass drum, and fills ending 'off' the beat. I say all this to indicate my preference to communicate and meld with another drummer.  
As for recording, I study privately with Dr. Josh Hecht who has several album credits and has taught at S.F. State and City College, and in Savannah Georgia's premier recording arts school. I have made a substantial investment in vintage and state of the art gear, much of which came from The Plant Studios in Sausalito, and Skye Labs.

This year I will be upgrading to Protools HD, a C2 mixing/controller, and am adding a new control room area to the existing studio building. I look forward to a future of meeting and collaborating with some new and old friends on projects.

"I love working with Mark, he makes the rehearsals & gigs fun, and his musicianship
adds a lot, making any group or project grow. I enjoy being around to see his
explosions of creativity. He makes everyone a better player & person".
~ Ralph Avalon

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